Superb maintenance products for outstanding detailing performance

Gyeon certified detailer top coat/top-up coating. Perfect gloss & hydrophobicity booster for all professional line coatings. The easiest way to restore initial properties of Gyeon 5-year coatings.

BOX CONTAINS: CanCoat Pro 200ml / microfibre



Best practice and pro-tips from Yves Heylen

Advice on application and precautions

The special weapon of Gyen Certified Detailers. Your customer is in need of even more gloss and hydrophobicity? Q² CanCoat Pro will add both! 5 year warranty is not a must? Just one simple layer will provide as much as a year of protection. TIP: Q² CanCoat Pro is the perfect top up product on cars coated with our Certified-only coatings, keeping the finish always slick and repellent. Use the attached towel to apply and level, perfect the finish with a Q²M PolishWipe.

Consumption: 25ml/car

Contact Angle: 110'

PH Tolerance: 2-11

Durability: up to 1 year






Certified Detailer's ultimate maintenance tool

The improved Q² CanCoat Pro is a fantastic maintenance product for every annual or biannual maintenance service. Once full chemical decontamination has been performed, the simple wipe on-wipe off coating will provide further extension of the durability and hydrophobicity to one of our 5 year coatings.

Stand alone product for special applications

Not every coating project requires a 5-year warranty. For the whole rest of coating details, Q² CanCoat Pro is a perfect entry level product with a touch of Certified Detailer exclusivity. Whether it is a motorbike, a bicycle or a RV/motorhome, with its straigtforward application Q² CanCoat Pro is the product of choice.

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