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Q2M Microfibers
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All of our microfibers are developed, to suit the products offered. Depending on the surface, they are great to apply CanCoat or give a final wipe down with Cure.
All towels provide maximum performance and highest durability.
Q2M Microfibers
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Q²M Suede 10x10cm OR 20x20cm OR 40x40cm / Q²M BaldWipe 40x40cm / Q²M SoftWipe 40x60cm / Q²M PolishWipe 40x40cm / Q²M SoftDryer 60x80cm / Q²M WaffleDryer 40x60cm / Q²M WaffleDryer XL 60x80cm / Q²M Applicator
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Q2M Microfibers
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Q2M Waffle Dryer

Our Waffle Dryer towel is the ultimate choice, that comes in two sizes – the large 60x80cm for drying the bodywork and all plastic/glass surfaces and the handy 40x60 perfect for all smaller and harder accessible parts. Both are made from the same high quality, extremely absorbent microfiber, making drying fast and effective, but also safe! We put a lot of effort in finding the best structure, to make the towel leave no streaks at all. The small Waffle is also perfect for cleaning glass surface.

Q2M_Waffle Dryer_benefit300x270.png

Q2M SoftWipe

Our SoftWipe fiber was developed to suit even the softest paints on the market. It’s extremely thick, but gentle fibers are perfect for wiping coatings and all types of quick detailers and spray sealants. It’s the perfect choice for our Q2M Cure. A major benefit is it’s edgeless finish/trim, making the Q2M SoftWipe towel ultra-safe. The Q2M SoftWipe Towel is fabricated using the most advanced laser-cut technology, making edgeless microfibers very durable against wear.


Q2M BaldWipe

The short fiber, edgeless BaldWipe towel is a gentle yet very effective towel. It suits many different applications, being as good when it comes to wiping of coatings, applying Cure, cleansing the paint with Q2M Tar as it is while used with Q2M Prep. It removes rest of polishing pastes, without leaving marks or light scratches easily. Q2M BaldWipe can be used also as a universal microfiber for interior detailing. Q2M BaldWipe Towel, just like all of our edgeless towels, is fabricated using the most advanced laser-cut technology.


Q2M Suede

Our suede fibers are available in 3 sizes, starting from the applicator sized 10x10cm, through 20x20cm up to 40x40cm towels. They prove great performance when it comes to coating application and are also suitable for use with CanCoat. Their ultra-soft, edgeless finish provides a smooth movement on the surface and minimizes the risk of uneven application. Suedes are also great to remove the light mist after Repel has cured on windows.


Q2M Soft Dryer

Dryer is our in-house alternative for the Waffle drying towel. It’s very safe and effective, soaking enormous amounts of water. The biggest advantage of Q2M Soft Dryer is an extreme softness – it ensures great performance, gliding on the surface of the paint. Due to the laser cut technology used for it’s edgeless finish, Dryer reduces streaks or smudges on the paintwork. We’re very proud to present you the softest and by far most efficient way to dry automotive paintwork!

Q2M Soft Dryer_300x270.jpg

Q2M PolishWipe

As excellent surface preparation is crucial for coating application, we thought it would be a good idea to help you start with it right at the polishing stage. That’s the primary task of our PolishWipe. It’s has two sides, with two different lengths of fiber. It’s edgeless, fabricated with the laser-cut technology, for safety and durability of the fiber itself. And surely its one of the best microfibers on the market, when it comes to removing polishing pastes and all types of oily residue. No matter if you’re in the middle of your paint correction or if you’d just like to use it with Q2M Prep before applying the coating.

Q2M PolishWipe_300x270.jpg


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